Can't Stop The Signal

Leaves on the Wind

Weekly Themed Picspams of our lovely Fire-Fly Cast
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Each week we will have a theme chosen by popular vote on the last day of the previous week.

There are just a few rules:

1. If you are posting a large picture, you must use a cut.

2. It's okay to post icons and/or wallpapers if you have made them as part of the theme.

3. We understand that sometimes RL stops us from coming online everyday, but if possible, please try and post one a pic a day.

4. The theme for each week will run from Monday to Sunday.

5. This comm is mainly for posting pics of the Fire-Fly/Serenity actors and the characters they play but if you want to see some other characters from their movies, let us know and we'll see what we can do. ;)

6. The sole purpose of this community is to post pics of the pretteh. Please do not use this comm to post messages/off topic questions/gossip or pics that are not part of the theme for that week (we'll get around to everyone's favourite eventually, don't worry!). Such posts will be deleted by the moderators.

7.We decided it would be fun to add drabbles to our wares. Drabbles should be 100 to 150 words, and placed behind a cut. Proper headings and warnings should be used as well.

This is intended to be a fun place to squee over and share pictures of our favourite actors/characters, so let's keep it that way, okay? Please read and observe the rules and no flaming or nastiness!
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